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Inspired by history

About Testudo

The Testudo is a military formation used by the roman legions in the times of Julius Caeser (44-100 BC). The intended purpose was the protection of the legionnaires from arrows and spears by forming up a shelter of shields on command. This unvulnaerable formation looked similar to a turtle (latin: Testudo).

Testudo was founded 2013 and is based and registered in Vienna/Austria. Among our customers we may count governmental organisations, globally operating companies and internationally running educational institutions.


Services & Products

Information Security

Infosec preserving confidentiality, integrity and availability of data to mitigate information risks.

corporate security management & business continuity managment

Risk Analysis to identify organization’s assets, develop strategies and organizational processes to protect them.

Developing a strategic crises management by organizational processes to deal with emergency situations.

Site security concepts designed to protect facilities, equipment and resources.


High-end niche products for

  • Drone Detection and Drone Defence
  • Audio and Video Surveillance and TCSM
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Mobile Device Forensics
  • Force Protection Equipment

(products partially restricted to governmental agencies and authorized customers and subject to export licence)

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